Introducing the Redesigned Envision App!

October 31, 2023
Image displaying the new redesigned and updated envision app.

The Envision app just got personal!

Introducing the Redesigned Envision App! Revamped with a focus on features. Easily switch between your favorite features, and personalize the menu to your liking. Make the Envision App truly yours!

More focus on features

With this redesign, you'll immediately notice that all the features are conveniently located in the main menu, eliminating the need to navigate through the different tabs in the app. This makes it a breeze to switch between features.

Using the power of VoiceOver and Talkback

The new menu has been built from the ground up with VoiceOver and Talkback in mind. Less gestures are now needed to make changes to your preferences, and for iPhone users, you can easily switch between features by swiping up or down with one finger.

As always, we’ve not forgotten for our non-voiceOver or Talkback users and we’ve made sure Dynamic Type still enlarges all buttons for easy use whether you have low vision, difficulty with reading or you simply like AI to describe what is in front of you.

Personalize your menu

But, there's more! You now have the freedom to personalize your own main menu. Don't use certain features often? Simply change the order or hide them from the main menu, which you can customize in the Settings.

An image showing the new user interface on the Envision app.

More information

In addition to the redesigned interface, we've also included informative screens for most features. So, if you forgot what a particular feature can do? Head over to the Help screen, located on the top-right, where you can find more detailed information about a feature. We'll continue to update this with more helpful content in the future.

Enhanced brand consistency

By aligning our app's design with our social media presence and website, we've created a cohesive brand experience across different platforms. This consistency reinforces our commitment to providing a seamless and recognizable experience for you.

The Envision App is now available on iPad and Android tablets

We’d like to make Envision accessible on whichever device you have, starting today you can now also use Envision on any iPad you have or Android tablets.

Image showing the Envision App on an ipad and an Android tablet

Envision Version 3.2.0 Video Explainer

Watch the video below to see Ferkan Metin, Product Manager at Envision explaining the new update on the App in more detail.

Of course, this redesign also brings a significant boost in speed and includes minor bug fixes to ensure a smoother experience.

We're thrilled about this fresh new look and can't wait for you to try it out. We're eager to know which features you'll choose for your home screen and the order you'll arrange them in. Make the Envision App truly yours, and don't forget to tag us on social media: @LetsEnvision

Download the new and improved Envision app

If you haven't already, download the Envision App by clicking on the following link -