Discover the Power of Layout Detection 3.0 on Envision Glasses and App

Our OCR game levelled up!

June 14, 2024
Layout detection is out 3.0. photo shows a book with the layout marked in blue from headline to body

At Envision, we're committed to enhancing the reading experience for people who are blind or have low vision. With our latest improvement, Layout Detection 3.0, we’re bringing significant improvements to both the Envision Glasses and the Envision App. Let’s explore how this new feature transforms the way you read and interact with documents.

What is Layout Detection 3.0?

Layout Detection 3.0 is an advanced feature designed to make reading more intuitive and accurate. By understanding the structure of a document, this technology improves the reading order, accurately identifies headlines, and processes text much faster. Whether you’re reading a complex report or a multi-column article, Layout Detection 3.0 ensures you get the information in the correct sequence and format.

Key Enhancements

1. Improved Reading Order:

Layout Detection 3.0 ensures that the text is read in the intended order, making it easier to follow along with documents that have multiple columns, headings, and sections. This enhancement is crucial for understanding context and maintaining the flow of information.

2. Accurate Headline Detection:

Headlines are essential for navigating documents quickly. With the new update, Layout Detection 3.0 accurately detects and reads headlines, allowing you to skim through articles and reports efficiently.

3. Faster Performance:

Speed is of the essence when processing documents. Layout Detection 3.0 operates much faster than previous versions, providing near-instant results and a smoother user experience.

Benefits of Layout Detection 3.0 on Envision Glasses and App

For users of both Envision Glasses and the Envision App, Layout Detection 3.0 is a game-changer. The enhanced feature offers:

• Enhanced Accessibility: Navigate complex documents with ease, thanks to improved reading order and headline detection.

• Seamless Integration: Whether you’re at work, school, or home, Layout Detection 3.0 integrates smoothly into your daily routine.

• Instant Results: Enjoy faster text processing and reading, making it easier to stay productive and informed.

• Universal Access: Experience a consistent and high-quality reading experience across both platforms.

 How to Enable Layout Detection 3.0

On Envision Glasses:

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. Select "Scan Text Preferences."

3. Enable Layout Detection.

On the Envision App:

1. Open the app and go to the Settings menu.

2. Find the Layout Detection option.

3. Toggle it to enable.

Experience the Magic Today

With Layout Detection 3.0, both the Envision Glasses and the Envision App deliver an unparalleled reading experience. This upgrade marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower people who are blind or have low vision with the tools they need to achieve greater independence and productivity.

Try Layout Detection 3.0 today and experience the difference for yourself. If you haven’t yet explored the capabilities of Envision Glasses or the Envision App, now is the perfect time to book a demo and see how this technology can transform your daily life.

For more information, contact our support team at Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Envision!