Perceive Possibility

Our mission, purpose, and value, now better articulated in Envision’s new brand identity.

March 2, 2023

Since the start of Envision, one of the things we have noticed is that the positioning of most brands within the field of assistive technology focus only on either the service they deliver or the functionality of products they make, with their messaging often feeling patronizing or pitying. We have always strived to be different, to be better, to be more disruptive. 

A lack of qualitative solutions for visually impaired people gives the majority of the market the liberty to put their own interests first, whereas Envision has different values, always taking  a customer-first approach. We trust the quality of our product for sales, instead of the other way around.

Who are we building for?

Helping others is thought to be one of the ways that people create, maintain, and strengthen their social connections but, like most people, those who are visually impaired are naturally averse to asking for help - even if that sometimes means doing things the long way round or perhaps not at all. And that is precisely who our audience is –– those who want to surpass imposed limitations. Anyone who thinks in possibilities and is keen on change or improvement. Those who don't take no for an answer.

Why are we building it?

We believe that if you can perceive the invisible, you can do the impossible. Seeing isn't only dependent on sight. Seeing is about comprehension. It's recognizing things. Identification. It gives guidance. Helps to notice. Creates understanding. Allows imagination. Creates a sense of possibility. Our reason to wake up every day is to enable people to live life on their own terms. With Envision you build your independence, one activity at a time.

We are really against involuntary dependence. Needing to ask for help all the time greatly diminishes our sense of agency (and self). It's dependence without asking for it. However - to be able to actively choose when and how to get support - that is agency. That's why Envision exists in complementary fashion to the network you already choose to rely on.

How are we building it?

We deliver on our mission by articulating the world around you. We excel in turning silent into tangible. We make the unknown known by providing verbal feedback. Actively shaping objects, loved ones, living rooms, stories and opportunities or anything else one can be around. Giving access to information on one's own terms. And that’s what we implicitly offer – the ability to Own Life. Being able to read a letter means being able to work at a bank. Recognizing who's around you means having a say. Understanding the situation means you can take care.

There are two things that are critical to everyone at Envision about how we go about living our mission:

  • We don't make a song and dance about it. We strive to live in the fabric of your life through a seamless product experience and easy implementation.
  • We're fellow humans. We treat you like the human you are. With us, there's no unnecessary prudence. We recognise you. And we're here when you need us.

And to incorporate all of this in a brand that represents these values, we approached the incredibly talented team at dentsuAchtung in Amsterdam, to help us translate them into tangible touch-points for our customers, community and other stakeholders. Here’s a list of things that you will notice are new about us going forward:

Tagline and Manifesto:

While trying to distill our belief into a few words, we came up with two that perfectly capture the essence of what we do – Perceive Possibility. It uses the verb perceive, because getting meaningful information from your surroundings is more than just seeing it. And the information is not just information, but in that consists the possibilities of aspirations, choices and independence.

This is perhaps best articulated through our Manifesto, which is read out here by Ross Fowler:

Vision impairment isn't just about our eyes.
It's also about what goes on behind them:
our spirit, our soul, our dreams,
the vision we have for ourselves.

Because a sense of self can only grow
when we can perceive and navigate
the possibilities in the world around us
for ourselves.

Only when those micro interactions &
connections, those empowering milliseconds
of independence, accumulate to shape the
days, months & years, into a lived reality
rich with what life could be.

And so, it must begin with how we connect
with information: independently and on our
own terms.

Envision builds assistive tech & services
to help more of us navigate everyday
information for ourselves.

Interacting with the world around us,
on our own terms, grows possibilities.

It's not just reading a letter: it's the possibility of
a career. It's not just following handwriting: it's
the ability to help with homework.

Knowing who's around you is freedom to speak
your mind. And recognising where you are is
permission to explore.

And the more we explore,
the more we comprehend,
the more we suggest and connect,
and share and teach and encourage,
and inspire others to do the same.

Envision. Perceive possibility.


The icon that forms the primary element of our logo is a reflection of our technology and story. Our icon represents our technological capabilities and our influence as a brand. With dots that lead and expand to a central point, this icon acts to represent how we can bring greater clarity and focus to the senses of those who are vision impaired.

Animation showing Envision's logo being formed from a pattern of grids

Additionally, our icon acts to represent the "from --> to" transformation of our customers' journeys. Envision assists people to move from point A to B (and so on) regarding their sensory development. The dots converge into an expanded and defined focal point, illustrating Envision's ability to enable people to develop their perceptive abilities across the journey.

This logo also allow for some interesting configurations with our full suite of products and services:

an array of different cofigurations of Envision's logo with its suite of products

This also lends to and interesting grid based dot patterns that serves as the graphic system and language:

4 examples of abstract shapes formed out our dot grid patterns


Our colour palette strikes a balance between high contrast and vibrant tones. The clean, digital feel of our black, purple and white establishes strong legibility. Green, yellow and pink inject warmth and optimism to resonate with our more human-centered ethos.

Our color palette is divided into both primary and secondary colours. Our primary colours black, purple and white are used predominantly. These maintain high contrast, with purple providing fresh energy. Our secondary colours green, yellow and pink are used to support our primary palette. These bring warmth and vibrance.

A map showing Envision Primary colors and Secondary colors

Tone of Voice

In addition to these visual brand elements, it was equally important for us to ensure that our written and verbal communication across all media also reflects our brand value. Hence we defined following four key traits of Envision to guide how we talk:

Envision is Human & Friendly

Yes, we create cutting edge tech, but we shouldn't speak like machines. We're welcoming. We're humans. So that's how we talk. But we know that context is crucial, and we'll speak how our customers want to be spoken to. Our software is a tool - not a personified and overly-chatty Al chat-bot. We're to the point, but with a smile when appropriate.

Envision is Straightforward & Clear

We're human, but we're not here for a chat. So we deliver only the pertinent information that's needed, without any unnecessary waffle. We're straightforward. We avoid any words or phrases that could have double meanings, be subjective or easily misinterpreted.

Envision is Reassuring & Positive

Reassurance comes from using a product that works well. It also comes from the brand having just enough self-confidence without being big-headed. We don't claim to be miracle workers. We don't over promise. We're experts, yes, but with humility. We're not here to bang on about what we've done - we're here to help the user discover what they can do, and bring optimism.

Envision is Knowledgeable & Calm

We're persistent - always taking action to improve. So, we're passionate and we know what we're talking about. But we're chill about it. Even if we want to, we don't rave about every incremental step. Sometimes the best way to communicate is to just do, rather than say. We're experts, yes, but not an Authority. Humanity and humility are key. Especially if something goes wrong.

We are extremely excited that with all the recent changes that have happened at Envision and having clearly defined brand values and principles helps. We hope these will continue to serve as a guiding star for not just, but all Envisioners and everyone who joins our ever growing community. Let’s perceive possibilities, together.

Check out our new website and let us know what you think.