Envisioners Share Their Everyday Experiences with the Glasses

These candid testimonials are taken from our user experience survey and remain anonymous.

April 30, 2024

Our community of Envisioner remind us that the Envision Glasses are more than just a technological innovation; they are a lifeline that empowers independence and enhances the quality of life of the blind and low vision community. Users from all walks of life have shared their stories, offering us a glimpse into how these glasses have positively transformed their daily experiences. Here are some of the most heartfelt and impactful testimonials.

Transformative Independence

Another user shared their relief in daily situations:

"Instant text is the best feature out there. It works most times; if not, I switch to Seeing AI. But nothing beats the immediate response I get from Envision's instant text for making me feel like I have some of my old sighted independence back."

One user described their newfound freedom with the glasses, noting:

"I use the app when I am away from home and don't have my Envision Glasses. It's incredibly helpful when I'm traveling. Being able to read signs and menus independently changes how I experience new places, making traveling alone less daunting and more enjoyable."

Emotional Impact

The emotional benefits of the Envision glasses are particularly poignant. One user shared:

"I really like Ask Envision because I can ask it questions about documents I've imported. For example, I figured out how to operate a wireless microphone for my trumpet, the SGAudioPro model TR-15, just by asking. Envision summarized each part of the manual in plain English, making it quick and easy for me to understand and use."

Another testimonial highlighted the personal impact:

"The first time I used the glasses to read a menu by myself, I felt a wave of emotion. For years, I had to rely on others to read out the options to me, but with Envision, I could explore and choose for myself. It was a moment of profound joy and independence."

A More Accessible Routine

The practical daily benefits of the Envision glasses also received high praise. One user explained:

"These features help my day-to-day work and significantly reduce my dependence on sighted assistance. The glasses offer me greater personal independence, which is invaluable."

Another user described their routine application:

"I basically use it if I don't have the glasses but have my phone around, or just need to get text on something briefly. It's the convenience and immediate accessibility that makes Envision stand out from other aids I've tried."

Specific Use Cases

The glasses have been lauded for their utility in specific scenarios, enhancing everyday tasks with ease and efficiency. One user noted:

"Having vision just enough to make out objects but not text, I find scanning QR codes with Envision incredibly useful. You get instant information without needing to scan repeatedly, minimizing daily frustrations significantly."

A heartfelt story from a user illustrates how Envision has become an integral part of their life:

"As a teacher, I often need to read documents and textbooks quickly. The scan text feature has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to prepare lessons and grade papers much more efficiently than before. It’s not just a tool; it’s my daily companion in the classroom."

Community and Support

Beyond the technology, the sense of community and support Envision provides was also highlighted:

"The customer support and community feeling around Envision are incredible. It feels like not only having a powerful tool but being part of a family that truly understands and supports my needs. This emotional backing is just as important as the technical support."

Another user shared:

"Envision’s regular updates and their open communication make me feel heard. They genuinely care about our feedback and implement it, which is rare and so appreciated."


We are grateful for these heartfelt accounts celebrate the independence, convenience, and confidence that the Envision glasses bring into their lives, underscoring the significant impact of this technology on enhancing daily living.

The Envision community continues to grow, supported by technology that not only sees for them but also understands their needs and challenges, making everyday achievements simpler and more fulfilling.