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October 31, 2023
Photo of a person using the Envision Glasses, the photo is inside a blue frame with branded dots on the top-right and bottom-left corner.
A person using the Envision Glasses
Latest update adds offline options to two more features - V2.2.0

Since the inception of Envision Glasses, we have offered a number of features that work with or without an Internet connection. Some features simply work better with the help of the Internet, but sometimes getting connected is just not possible. 

In our latest update for the Envision Glasses, we have added offline options for Scan Text and Batch Scan, meaning that you can now read any kind of document, anywhere. The choice is yours. 

Offline options on the Envision Glasses now include: Instant Text, Scan Text, Batch Scan, Find Object, Find People, Explore, Recognise Cash, Detect Colors, Detect Light, Scan QR Code, and Voice Commands.

We've noticed that many of you are actively using the Envision Glasses while on the go. While it is possible to connect your glasses to your phone's hotspot, we understand that there are times when you don't have the luxury of time or access to a reliable internet connection. That's where the offline features come in handy.

How to use Scan Text and Batch Scan offline

Similar to the way you're familiar with using Instant Text, you can now open the context menu (two-finger single tap) of Scan Text or Batch Scan and enable the Offline Mode. Once activated, you can use Scan Text to read any documents, just as you're used to.

Watch and listen to our Product Manager, Ferkan Metin detailing the new and improved features in this video below:

Why online is still fine 

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between the online and offline modes for Scan Text. The online version still offers higher accuracy and an additional feature called Layout Detection.

With Layout Detection, it doesn't matter how you hold the document – the Envision Glasses will accurately read it without any issues. Layout Detection also recognizes columns and headings, which is not yet possible with the Offline Scan Text feature.

In the latest version 2.2.0 of the Envision Glasses, we have made several improvements(check out the release notes here), but we'll share more details about them next month.

Until then, enjoy the enhanced features of your Envision Glasses and do not hesitate to share your stories with the Envision community that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and

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