Salsa Workshop by Envision Community

Our first accessible event in the Netherlands that celebrates the entire visually impaired community!

March 2, 2023

Welcome to the salsa workshop organized by Envision Community in association with Bliende Liefde voor Salsa and Annemarie Nodelijk. Here you can find additional information regarding this event, while you can read further about Envision Community and its purpose as a new branch of Envision.

What is special about this event?

The Salsa Workshop, which marks the first steps of Envision's new branch, is especially designed for the visually impaired community. Every detail is tailored to the needs of our attendees, from the location to the activity. The event will take place in the community center De Burcht, one of the well-known community centers in the city of The Hague. This location was selected due to its facility designed to be accessible for all people of all ages, hence, our attendees will be able to navigate within the premises easily. We have the honor to present to you the speaker and salsa teacher of the night, Annemarie Nodelijk, the founder of Bliende Liefde voor Salsa which is the first dance school for the blind and low vision people in the Netherlands. Annemarie Nodelijk, a visually impaired individual herself, will share her moving personal story with the workshop participants, in her hope to inspire the visually impaired community to not feel restricted in life by their visual impairment. Following the speech, the salsa workshop will take place which, as designed by Annemarie herself, is tailored for visually impaired individuals. Finally, when the one-hour long workshop is over, snacks and beverages will be offered to the attendees to relax after dancing, while everyone gets to know and network with each other. During all this time, Envision will be present to demonstrate, explain, and further discuss feedback and ideas of the community about the Envision AI app.

What is Envision Community?

The logo of Envision Community, which is Envision in bold letters and the word community next to it.
The logo of Envision Community

Envision Community, the official organizer of the event, is a brand new branch of Envision. With this initiative, Envision aims to plan activities for the visually impaired community, to empower its members through such events. Envision's vision is a world where visual impairment does not signify inability to enjoy life. Thus, by organizing fully accessible events for the visually impaired, Envision hopes to empower this community. Getting even closer to its members, Envision will be able to understand on a deeper level the community, which will assist in further improving its technology according to the needs of the visually impaired. Last, but not least, is the belief that this is an opportunity for the visually impaired community to get to know the Envision team in real life, to feel more comfortable into reaching out its members whenever they wish.

Date & Place:

19.00 - 23.00, January 11th
Community center / Wijkcentrum De Burcht
Stortenbekerstraat 201, 2525 SE
Den Haag, NL


To be announced.

Special thanks to Safira Mohan and Chantal Carmelita for this initiative.

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