Envision 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Top 5 gifts for people who are blind or have low vision.

July 14, 2023

Some people are easier to buy gifts for than others. For those who are blind or who have low vision, we all need to think a little differently - as gift-givers and as receivers. 

To help choose this year’s holiday gifts (especially my own), I reached out to the amazing Envision Community for ideas and inspiration and, wow, they delivered.  Based upon their feedback and some additional research, I have compiled the Envision 2022 Holiday Gift Guide which I encourage you to share - especially if people ask for ideas on what to buy you this year!

1. Envision Glasses - The Holiday Edition 

Give Envision and you gift independence. Envision Glasses are AI-powered smartglasses with an integrated camera and built-in speakers that speak out the visual world. It is a wearable device that significantly improves the daily life of people that are blind or have low vision.

In the spirit of the season, we have created a limited holiday edition of the Envision Glasses - complete with a free pair of Lux fashion frames (worth $149). 

Here’s what's in the beautifully wrapped gift box: 

  1. Envision Glasses, charging cable, and sturdy carrying case
  2. Standard Titanium Frames: Lightweight, minimal frame with no lenses.
  3. Lux Fashion Frames (FREE): Custom-made fashionable frames with lenses that can be easily swapped out with the standard titanium frames.

Lux Fashion Frames

  1. Made from high-quality acetate
  2. Black with a subtle brown tortoise (Sajama) print
  3. Clear, customizable lenses 
  4. Fashionable yet subtle, ideal for smaller head sizes.

Envision Glasses provide the most intuitive and easiest way to access all kinds of visual information around you. It's trained to recognize and speak out text, objects, people, colors, products and so much more. They are designed to be worn all day with a comfortable and lightweight profile. 

Check it out on the Envision Glasses Holiday edition and share this link with friends and family.

2. Gift-cards 

Illustration of Envision Holiday E-giftcards.

Surprisingly simple but unbeatably versatile, gifting and receiving gift cards, especially digital versions make it easy to share the cost of a gift with others and to save up for something special over time.  

Since you can get gift cards for almost anything, I am excited to add Envision Gift Cards to the list. With denominations ranging from $100 to the full price of a pair of Envision Glasses, giving Envision has never been easier.

Envision’s Gift Card store is now open and can be accessed (and shared) with this link.

3. Glasses Cleaner

Many of us wear glasses and keeping them clean is a headache. We had several recommendations for glass cleaners, my favorite being the Peeps cleaner recommended by Chela Robies in our Envision Group. Affordable retailing at around $20, this is a nice little gift to add under the tree.

CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner - Efficient and Durable Carbon Microfiber Technology - Exclusively Used by NASA - 500 Uses (Injected Black) 

4. Headlamp

Earlier this year, Envisioner, beta tester and all round active community member Vicky Cardona undertook to find a solution for when she wanted to read with her Envision Glasses in low light situations.

After much research,Vicky recommends the following Engergizer headlamp. Thanks Vicky for all your time and support across the Envision community.

Ideal for reading in low light situations - the ENERGIZER LED headlamp.

5. Purdy's Chocolates 

Recommended by Envision Facebook community member Betty Nobel, Purdy’s have a Holiday box of chocolates with a braille card indicating what kind of chocolate is in each square. In their own words, “There’s nothing quite like the magic of finding your favorite chocolate in a Purdy's box, and we believe this feeling of joy should be as accessible to as many people as possible”. We could not agree more. Thank you Betty for sharing this joyous gift idea with us. 

Finally, let’s be reminded by the words of Envision community member Philipp Chalker that there’s nothing more special than receiving or giving a homemade gift or sweet-smelling flowers. Thank you, Phillip, we still have time to put our creative talents to the test. 

If you have more gift ideas that you would like to share, please do so on any of our community groups - Groups - Facebook - Twitter - Telegram

Thank you and happy holidays.