Let your glasses speak to you.

Envision Glasses - the new AI-powered smartglasses by Envision, empowering the blind and visually impaired to be more independent.

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Play with audio descriptions
"The first time I used  Envision was to describe my own living room. Tears came to my eyes. I finally knew what my living room really looked like and I didn’t hear it from somebody else. That was such an overwhelming experience. I felt it gave me back a part of me." - Joy Barry

Turn text into speech

Envision Glasses enable you to read all kinds of text from any surface in over 60 languages. The smartglasses have the fastest and the most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling you to read street signs, handwritten cards and even your favorite book.

Instant Text Icon
Have short pieces of text spoken out instantly by just scanning around with the glasses.
For denser text, like books, magazines or letter, just snap picture and explore it as you wish.
Document Text Icon
Handwritten Text Icon
Read handwritten text like birthday cards, quick notes or even love letters.
Person using Envision Glasses to read a document
Paperstack Icon
40 Million pieces of text read
Globe Icon
Recognises over 60 languages
Checkmark Icon
Most comprehensive OCR

Know what's around you

Person using Envision Glasses to describe a scene

Envision Glasses can describe scenes, detect colors and scan barcodes. Giving you information about what is in front of you, helping you choose the right dress and assisting you in picking the right products while shopping.

Describe Scene Icon
Get a description of what you are looking at.
Detect Colors Icon
Get detailed color descriptions from any surface around you.
Scan Barcode Icon
Scan barcodes and know what product you are holding.

Find objects and recognize faces

Ever lost your keys or had trouble finding a trash bin? Simply scan around with your Envision Glasses and it will find what you are looking for. It can even help you find your friend in a café or colleagues at your work.

Find Object Icon
Easily find any object you are looking for.
Find Person Icon
Recognize and teach Envision familiar faces.
Person tapping the touchpad of the Envision glasses

Conquer any situation with video calling

A user wearing the Envision Glasses

If you ever feel you need a bit of extra help, you can always call upon your favorite human. Envision Glasses have a dedicated feature for video calling friends and family. You can also choose to share contextual information, such as your location on a map, so they can help you in difficult situations. With the Envision Glasses you will always know your way around.

Video Call Icon
Make a video to a friend or family member while being able to share more context.
Video Record Icon
You can also use glasses to capture photos or record videos of great moments.

The best hardware out there | Google Glass

We partnered with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, to provide the best experience of Envision on a smartglass. In addition to being a robust and comprehensive software platform, Google Glass also have a sleek and lightweight design, making them easy to wear around all day. We were able to design fluid and intuitive controls with a combination of touch and voice commands. The future of wearable cameras that we have all been dreaming of, is finally here.

Audio Icon
Mono Audio Speaker, USB audio, Bluetooth audio. Hear everything in your way.
Mic IconTouch Icon
Multi-touch gesture touchpad. Simply swipe through the menu and find what you want the glasses to do for you.
820mAh battery with fast charge. enough to get you through the day.
Connection IconCamera IconBattery Icon
Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection. Always at your service, no matter where you are.
An 8mp camera with a wide field of view to capture every detail.
three beam forming microphones that are always waiting for your command
Image of Google Glass 2 from the side
"We're excited that Envision is using Glass Enterprise Edition to help people more easily access the visual information around them and get things done." - Melvin Chua, Head of Partnerships, Google Glass

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Become partner

Envision Glasses currently will support all the functions of Envision and video calling. But that is just the beginning. Underneath Envision, we have built a platform on the glass that allow for other apps and services to be very easily integrated into the glasses. Are you someone who would be interested in porting your app to the glasses? Shoot us a message.

Listen to our users:

What they say about our app?

Steve Clarke
I just used Envision AI for Android, @LetsEnvision to read a greeting card my Wife @Imloti& I got in the mail today. It was from my Mom  wishing us a happy 16th anniversary & it was all hand written. It read perfectly. We used to dream of this tech.
Chris Parsons
My three-year-old has learned how to use @LetsEnvision to read the books he got for Christmas because they aren’t in Braille. We sit in my recliner, and I hold up the book so he can point the camera. We each have an earbud so we can both listen to the story. It’s pretty awesome.
Andre Louis
Envision AI is fast and it just works. It's very easy to use, but that doesn't mean simplistic. I'm happy to say Envision does what it says on the tin and performs extremely well.
Bob Offereins
Video of Bob Offereins talking about his experiences with Envision
Harold D. Thomas II
I have been legally blind all of my life and I absolutely love this app. It absolutely does everything it says it does and more.
Christiaan Waters
The Netherlands
Video of Christiaan Waters talking about his experiences with Envision
@LetsEnvision This App is amazing. From scene descriptions to text recognition - (yea, even handwriting!) This type of applications are those that really allow us to increasingly remove little by little the barrier of our disability. Keep up the excellent work!
Banner reading Winner of Google Play Award 2019

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February 2018
iOS App Launch
March 2019
Android App Launch
April 2019
Google Play Award
March 2020
Glasses Pre-order launch
October 2020
Glasses Ship

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do the Envision Glasses Cost?

Envision’s AI-powered smart glasses are available at a reduced price for €1,899 for pre-order. Please keep in mind that our base currency is euros. These are the pre-order prices. The prices will be much higher when the product will be available for retail.

What can I do with the Envision Glasses?

With the Envision Glasses you can read any type of text from any surface (e.g., food packaging, posters, display screens and handwritten text), recognize faces, describe scenes, detect colors, find objects, read complex documents and letters, and more. The software is also the most diverse on the market today, capable of recognising text and scripts in more than 60 languages.

Is the pre-order really for people from different countries?

Yes, we ship the Envision Glasses worldwide, so anyone from anywhere can order the glasses and have them shipped to them.

Are the shipping costs included?

Yes, the shipping costs are included in the price you find on the shop page.

When will the Envision Glasses be shipped?

The shipment of the first Envision Glasses is planned for October 2020. We will keep you up to date on the exact shipment date.

Where can I buy the Envision Glasses?

Currently, the glasses are up for pre-order. This means that we will ship the orders in October of 2020. A little wait, but well worth the effort! You may purchase the glasses here: https://www.letsenvision.com/shop

What is the difference between the Envision app and the Envision Glasses?

The difference is in the hardware. Envision is a software. Where the Envision app is available for smartphones on Android and iOS, the Envision Glasses are available on the Google Glass. The software features on both the app and the glasses are the same.

Additionally, we added video calling to the Envision Glasses. This enables you to call your friends or a family member and let them guide you.

Where can I find complete tech specs of the glasses?

You can find the complete tech specs on the Google Glass' website here: https://www.google.com/glass/tech-specs

Why Envision on Google Glass?

We have done many tests with different kinds of glasses and found that the Google Glass fits our wishes best. Our major forte is software, hence we decided to find the best hardware to develop on, allowing us to bring more value while keeping the cost as affordable as possible.

Are there going to be other versions?

Yes, we will continue to test with new smartglasses that show up in the market. We are also currently testing several wired smartglasses that we could introduce if they meet our standards or quality and performance.

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