What We know About Accessibility on The Apple Vision Pro

Aside from spatial computing, Apple has achieved another milestone: better accessibility.

February 8, 2024
A woman wearing Apple Vision Pro is sitting across from a man in a blue shirt and turban who is holding a tablet. They are in an Apple Store with a wall of product shelves in the background.

The Apple Vision Pro emerges as a pioneering device, setting a new benchmark in accessibility for the blind and low vision community. It marries sleek design with practical functionality, offering a premium user experience that prioritizes comfort without compromising on style. Despite its forward-heavy design, the inclusion of various straps and a dedicated battery pack ensures users enjoy prolonged use with ease.

Core Accessibility Features

At the core of the Apple Vision Pro's innovative approach to accessibility is VoiceOver, a feature that introduces a novel way of navigation through pinch gestures. This adaptive feature, while necessitating a learning curve, promises to streamline the interaction for users with vision impairments. Additionally, the device's Zoom capability, adjustable via the digital crown, stands out as a crucial tool for magnifying text, making digital content more accessible than ever.

Navigating with Ease: Pointer and Dwell Control

A standout feature of the Vision Pro is its Pointer Control, which enables interaction through simple movements of the head, wrist, or index finger. This adaptability, coupled with Dwell Control, offers a revolutionary way to navigate the interface, tailoring the experience to individual user preferences and needs. Such innovations ensure that users can enjoy a more intuitive and customized interaction with their device.

Voice Control: Commanding Your Device

The introduction of Voice Control underscores the Vision Pro's dedication to accessibility, allowing users to execute commands and navigate the system effortlessly through voice alone. This eliminates the barriers posed by physical interaction, further democratizing access to technology for individuals with diverse abilities.

Insights from Influencers

Notable influencers such as Sam from The Blind Life and Brian Tong have lauded the Vision Pro for its robust build, cutting-edge design, and comprehensive accessibility features. From enhanced voiceover functions and zoom capabilities to the introduction of customizable gestures, the Vision Pro is designed to deliver an inclusive user experience. However, they also highlight the initial challenges with gesture navigation, emphasizing the need for user education on its distinctive interface.

Transforming Accessibility

As we round up insights from first hand experiences, the Apple Vision Pro's extensive range of accessibility options redefinesthe tech landscape for the blind and low vision community. From vision loss to motor impairments, the device's settings cater to a broad spectrum of needs, heralding a future where advanced technology is truly accessible to all.

Upon the announcement of the pre-order launch, we explored the opportunity of having the free Envision App on the Apple Vision Pro to offer greater independence and interaction with the digital world. You can also learn more about the Envision App here.