Envision and Aira Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Envision Glasses for People who are Blind or Have Low Vision

Aira now available on the Envision Glasses.

July 14, 2023

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Today we are excited to announce that Aira, the live, professional visual interpreting service, is now available on Envision Glasses

Watch our launch webinar with Aira to hear all about it.

Incorporated into the latest glasses software update (version 1.8.0), Envision Glasses customers with an Aira account can now effortlessly place hands-free video calls to Aira Agents as and when they choose. Until now, Aira users have had to rely solely on chest harnesses to mount their mobile devices when they sought a hands-free experience. Now, the Envision Glasses offer Aira Agents a unique field of view from the customer’s perspective, with the panning and pointing of the camera happening at eye level, and natural head movement directing them toward what is of interest. 

For Envision Glasses customers, the integration with the Aira service provides access to 24/7, human-to-human, professional visual interpreting for any task at home, work, or when on the move. This addition of Aira to the Envision Glasses substantially strengthens and compliments our Ally video call feature which enables customers to make video calls to chosen family members and friends. 

There are two incredible introductory offers that come with partnerships that’s a win-win for the customers:

  1. Customers of Aira can get an exclusive 10% discount on purchase of Envision Glasses. Simply call an Aira Agent or the Aira Customer Care team to learn about how you can avail this.
  2. Customers of Envision Glasses get 200 free minutes for calling Aira. This gets activated as soon as you link your new or existing Aira account to Envision Glasses and make your first call.

Aira on Envision Glasses enables new levels of efficiency and ease of use to power many popular experiences already in play but now further improved:

Information workers for workplace autonomy:  

  • on-demand assistance with computer-related tasks, with inaccessible documents, describing inaccessible materials like charts and graphs, and navigating to meetings, offsites, and during business travel.

Manual laborers for workplace efficiency:  

  • on-demand assistance stocking and managing inventory, reading computer screens, setting up equipment, locating tools, navigating through unfamiliar spaces, and learning new tasks and processes as roles change.

Individuals for personal independence:  

  • objective assistance with anything personal or time-sensitive where enlisting a friend or family member is not desired or not possible.

The partnership with Aira is the start of a rollout of feature enhancements and third-party integrations on the Envision Glasses that will enable millions of low vision and blind people to live more independent lives, at home, work or on the move.  We look forward to sharing our journey with you. 

Here’s a quick video of how you can make calls to Aira from Envision Glasses:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I start making calls to Aira from my Envision Glasses?

a. Aira is now available on the Envision Glasses. Make sure your Envision Glasses are updated with the latest software 1.8.0 update. Create an Aira account on explorer.aira.io

b. Go to Call an Aira Agent under the Call category on the Envision Glasses and follow the steps to link your Aira Account.

c. Once the accounts are linked, you can now start making your calls.

2. What is the difference between Aira and Ally, Envision’s own video calling service? 

a. Aira provides access to 24/7, human-to-human, professional visual interpreting for virtually any task at home, work, or when on the move. 

b. Envision Ally provides hands-free video calls to chosen family members and friends via the free Envision Ally app. 

3. Is there any cost for Envision Glasses customers to use the Aira service? 

a. There’s no additional cost for using Aira on Envision Glasses, however, Aira does offer a combination of free and paid plans, which can be found here.

b. New account holders  receive a week’s free Aira service during their onboarding and as a free user, can enjoy five minutes of free Aira calls per day after that. 

c. Envision Glasses customers receive 200 free credit minutes when they make their first call to Aira from Envision Glasses.

For more frequently asked questions and answers please visit Envision’s Help Center here.