Envision Glasses just got personal

Easier access to the Envision Glasses features you love most.

July 14, 2023

We all have favorites, which is why in our latest release (version 1.10.0) we have made it even easier to access yours from the main menu on your Envision Glasses. Besides that, you will also see new Wi-Fi settings, which we've written about in this blogpost.

Check out this informative video from Ferkhan

So, what's new?

Once you have updated your Envision Glasses, you will notice the following changes to your Envision Glasses main menu:

  • As you swipe forward from ‘Home’, you will find our most popular features: ‘Instant Text’, ‘Scan Text’, ‘Call an Ally’, ‘Call an Aira agent’, ‘Describe Scene’, ‘Recognise Cash’, ‘Find Object’, and ‘Detect Light’.
  • At the end of the main menu you will find a new sub-menu called ‘More Features’. This includes all other features, such as: ‘Batch Scan’, ‘Find People’, ‘Explore’, ‘Scan QR Code’ and ‘Detect Colors’.
  • The sub-menus ‘Help’ and ‘Settings’ can now be found when swiping back from ‘Home’.

Personalize your menu

With this latest update comes the ability to customize and personalize your Envision Glasses experience as never before.

Add, hide or rearrange features in the main menu and in the ‘More Features’ sub-menu as you wish.

Get started

Step 1: Update your Envision Glasses to the latest version (1.10.0). On your Envision Glasses, go to ‘Settings’, then to Software, and then do a one-finger double tap to update.

Step 2: Check if your Envision App is on the latest version (3.1.5. or higher for iOS and version 3.1.6. or higher for Android). Not sure if you are on the latest version? Go to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Envision App, then go to ‘About Envision’. On the top, you will see which version your app is currently on.

Step 3: Explore the new menu structure on your Envision Glasses and decide which features you want to keep, or hide from the main menu and have it added to the ‘More Features’ menu.

Step 4: You can make changes as follows:

  • On the Envision Glasses, open the context menu (two-finger single tap) of any feature and you will find an option to add or hide it from the main menu, based on where the features are located. If the feature is in your ‘More features’ menu, you will be able to add it to the main menu. If the feature is in the main menu already, you can hide it from the main menu, which means it will appear in your ‘More features’ menu.
  • In the Envision App, go to the ‘Glasses’ tab, Go to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Menu Structure’ and then rearrange the features on your Envision Glasses between the main menu and the ‘More Features’ menu. Don’t forget to click on ‘Save’!

Any questions?

Simply drop an email at support@letsenvision.com and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Envisioning!