Envision Glasses Press Release

Now Shipping Worldwide: Envision Glasses, the Most Advanced AI-powered Assistive Glasses Ever Made for the Blind and Visually Impaired

March 2, 2023

AI-assistive smart glasses include features exclusive to Envision: real-time text recognition in 60 languages, handwritten text recognition, object and scene recognition, the ability to batch scan, export text, video calling and more — all at a significantly lower cost than competitive products 

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, November 25, 2020 – Envision, the award-winning AI-assistive technology company that empowers blind and visually impaired people with greater independence and access to the visual information around them, today announced the official launch of Envision Glasses, the most advanced, AI-powered, assistive glasses available on the market. Available for purchase online via the Envision website or authorized resellers Florida Reading and Vision Technology (US), Sight and Sound Technology (UK), and Babbage (Netherlands), the Envision Glasses are available with a choice of two different frame types and retail for $3500, £2695 and €2999 (excluding tax), respectively. View a short video of how Envision works here.

The launch of Envision Glasses is the next step in Envision’s evolution and builds off of the success of the company’s popular, AI-assistive iOS and Android smartphone app, which was named Best Accessibility App at the 2019 Google Play Awards and a Hall of Fame Award Winner by AppleVis, which showcases the best accessible iOS apps. 

“Envision was born from our desire to empower blind and visually impaired people with greater independence and access to the visual world, including things many of us take for granted, like reading text from a book, newspaper, magazine, computer, tablet or smartphone screen, perusing a product label, opening and reading a handwritten card or letter from a loved one, or running a business meeting without the need for assistance,” said Karthik Mahadevan, CEO and co-founder of Envision. “Envision Glasses integrate our proprietary AI-assistive software with high quality, lightweight, enterprise-grade Google Glass to offer the most robust and cost-effective vision aid technology solution on the market today.” 

How Envision Glasses Work.

Envision’s software uses artificial intelligence to extract information from images and then speaks the images out loud so the user has a greater understanding of the environment around him or her. Blind and low-vision users can ‘see’ to read documents at home or work, view labels while shopping, easily recognize their friends, find personal belongings at home, use public transport, video call anyone in real time, and more. 

Envision Glasses combine an abundance of ‘Read, Find, Identify and Call’ functionality and exclusive features with the fastest, most accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) available to truly help users ‘see’ the world around them through the spoken word. Envision’s AI-assistive software is capable of recognizing text and scripts in more than 60 languages, providing the largest language bank available on the market. Envision’s Batch Scan functionality allows users to scan more than one document at a time, and all text can easily be exported to the Envision app’s library. Additional Features and Tech Specifications: 

  • Real-time, Instant Text: Read short pieces of text, public transportation information, i.e., bus, train, tram or subway schedules, street signs, food labels, etc. Works with a live video feed, so users can scan around and their Envision Glasses will continue to speak out whatever text is in front of them.
  • Document Text and Handwritten Text: Read dense pieces of text like letters, books or magazines. Snap a picture of any of these types of text with Envision Glasses, and they will present the content in an easy, accessible and explorable way. There is also an option to export the raw text into the Envision app, where it can then be copied, exported in various formats, e.g., PDF, Word, .txt or .epub file or directly shared via an external application, e.g., email, notes, WhatsApp, etc.  Included within the Document Text itself, Envision intelligently identifies and recognizes handwritten text, enabling the user to easily read greeting cards, post-it notes, etc. 
  • Video Call: Allows the user to make a video call from within the Envision Glasses to a friend or a family member who has the Envision Ally app, enabling them to see a direct video feed from the Glasses and assist the user in the event they need help. Users can also opt to share additional information like their current location on a map.
  • Describe Scene: Take a picture and the AI will describe what's in the image to help the user gain a general sense of what is around them. Images can also be saved, making it a great way for taking photographs.
  • Detect Colors: A simple but useful feature. Once activated, the Envision Glasses will speak out the dominant colors in front of them — very useful when you need to pick out the right outfit or separate the laundry by wash category, i.e., whites from the darks.
  • Find Person: Scan around with this feature activated and Envision will give you a mild beep every time it sees a person in frame. Users can also teach Envision the faces of their friends and family, so when their faces come in the frame, their names will be spoken to the user.
  • Find Objects: Select from a list of objects and scan your environment. The Envision glasses will beep whenever the object being searched for is in the frame. Great for finding the remote control on the couch.
  • Explore: Once activated, the feature enables Envision to consistently speak out the objects and people it detects around the user, which is handy to familiarize yourself at a new place or just a fun activity when out for a stroll to know what's around.
  • Integration with Other Apps: Offers the ability to integrate with other apps that have complementary functionality, i.e., navigation, currency detection, etc. 
  • iOS and Android Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or higher with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Software Updates: Glasses are continuously updated with new features and functionalities.
  • Two lightweight, comfortable frame sizes available:  Standard, Titanium Frame: lightweight minimal frame with no lenses. Smith Optics Frame: A designer spectacle frame with zero-power lenses that can be replaced with custom prescription lenses. 
  • Weight: Less than 2 ounces / 50 grams.
  • Camera: 8-MP camera with a wide field-of-view that captures every detail.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-Enabled: Always-on connectivity.
  • 8s0mAh Battery: 5-6 hours with regular usage. USB-C supported for rapid charging.
  • Power-Saving Features: ‘On-head’ detection sensor and ‘Eye-on’ screen sensor.
  • Audio: Directional Mono Speaker, USB audio and Bluetooth Audio.
  • Display: 640x360 Optical Display Module.
  • Rugged: Water and Dust Resistant.
  • Click here to view the full list of Envision Glasses Tech Specs.

“The overwhelming volume of positive reviews and feedback we’ve received from beta testers and customers who pre-ordered during our early bird program is equal parts validating and heartwarming,” added Envision co-founder, Karthik Kannan. “Customer comments like ‘this kind of freedom is invaluable, especially when you’re outside and have a cane or a guide dog in a hand already’ or “this is a game-changer for me and my independence” are what motivates and drives the entire Envision team. We’re delighted to bring Envision Glasses to market and empower blind and visually impaired people worldwide with greater independence and a hands-free, easy way to ‘see’ the world around them through the spoken word.” 

Visit https://letsenvision.com to learn more or email glasses@letsenvision.com to learn more about Envision’s global reseller program. Interested media can access the Envision Press Kit here

About Envision

Envision is an award-winning AI-assistive technology company that uses AI-powered software to extract different types of information from images and speaks them out loud, enabling blind and low-vision users to read documents at work, recognize their friends, find personal belongings at home, use public transportation, and more  -- all fully independently. Envision’s AI-assistive software can read all kinds of text in more than 60 languages, recognize faces, describe scenes, detect colors, find objects, and so much more. Envision’s software is available for use in two different ways: on assistive smart glasses as embedded, hands-free technology, and as an iOS and Android smartphone app. 

Founded in late 2017, Envision is a privately held company located in The Hague in the Netherlands. Read our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or learn more at https://www.letsenvision.com/.